Faber Castel Markers

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These Felt Tip pens are multifunctional. Perfect for bingo, drawing and colouring or any other creative activities. With a lightweight design and easy gliding tips these pens are blissful to use. The caps are designed to ensure maximum safety if ingested. The caps have a special design which allows breathing even if the cap is swallowed. The construction ensures that the tip will not dry out when the cap is on the pen. The Ink is water based and is washable from most clothing and surfaces.

Unit per Box: 250 markers

Ink Type: Water-based

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88 Broad Markers – Black, 88 Broad Markers – Cerise, 88 Broad Markers – Green, 88 Broad Markers – Light Blue, 88 Broad Markers – Lime Green, 88 Broad Markers – Orange, 88 Broad Markers – Pink, 88 Broad Markers – Red, 88 Broad Markers – Royal Blue, 88 Broad Markers – Violet


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Faber Castel Markers