Company Profile

Company Profile

An Australian Family Owned Company

Elevating Your Service with Quality and Innovation

Established in 2003, Bingo Australia Pty. Ltd. is an embodiment of dedication, offering a comprehensive selection of hospitality products. As a proud Australian family-owned company, we’re committed to enhancing your operations with our extensive range, competitive pricing, and exceptional service. Our goal is to be more than a supplier; we aim to be a partner in your success, providing personalized solutions that cater to your unique needs. Experience the difference with Bingo Australia—where quality meets reliability.

Online Support 24/7

Online Support 24/7

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Our Mission

At Bingo Australia, our mission is to deliver exceptional customer service with a personal touch, setting a global benchmark in customer satisfaction.

We prioritize building strong, value-driven relationships, sharing our industry expertise to ensure our clients achieve cost-effective, functional success.

Our goal is to provide the hospitality sector with quality products at competitive prices, simplifying their procurement through a one-stop-shop experience that guarantees quick delivery and leaves a lasting impression of professionalism and dedication.

Our Vision

Our vision at Bingo Australia is to foster exceptional customer service that cultivates loyal business relationships, setting us apart as leaders in the industry.

We aim to be an indispensable asset to our clients’ businesses, embodying the highest standards of service and innovation. Through our dedicated family team, we strive to not only meet but exceed the expectations of every client, ensuring their success is our success. Our commitment is to continue evolving, offering cutting-edge solutions that drive the future of service excellence.

Our Family Team

Our Family Team at Bingo Australia is the backbone of our mission and vision. This passionate group of individuals brings together their unique skills and dedication to foster a culture of excellence and innovation. Their collective efforts ensure we deliver on our promise of exceptional customer service and high-quality products, making every interaction with us memorable and satisfying. Together, they drive the success of Bingo Australia, embodying our commitment to being more than just a supplier, but a trusted partner to all our clients.

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Customer Relations Manager

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I.T. Wizard

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I.T. Support & Customer Service

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I.T. Support & Customer Service

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I.T. Field Tech