Australia's Most Advance System

Our Bingaroo Multi Management Software is a state of the art calling system for use in both large and small venues, using a basic personal desktop computer with multi screen video card, or portable laptop with dual screen capabilities. Also includes an advertisement setup to display video and picture advertisements.

The players display can be broadcasted through HDMI or full wireless into LCD or Plasma, and can be extended to multiple points around your venue. Designed to operate on Windows 7 or above, the use of a mouse pointer or function keys means that any person with basic computer skills can be quickly trained. Return profitability to your Bingo while reducing your cost and increasing sales on your raffles.

What does the Bingaroo System Include?

  •  The ability to enter the ticket range being played, enabling verification of the winning ticket against both the ticket sale and numbers called.
  •  Confirmation of a winning ticket based on the last number called and the actual ticket permutation stored within the system.
  •  Individual games are stored, allowing viewing of completed games for auditing, research or recovery after computer failure.
  •  Game Information screen & Numbers Flashboard. Ticket display colours, fonts, text and background can be changed to suit the venue’s needs.
  •  The ability to play both 90 and 75 number games.
  •  A raffle number drawing system.
  •  The ability to play Hoi
  •  Information display for your Club or Bingo Centre using MS PowerPoint or other presentation software.
  •  Ability to enable the Bingaroo Play-Mate to be used (Electronic Bingo)
  • Full support 24 hours 7 days per week.

Bingo Software

The bingo system can run your bingo in any start colour of bingo books and install different sessions. For example, you can have a green start on your Monday bingo with prizes and have a blue start for your Tuesday bingo with a different prize structure and so forth.

Play-Mates (Electronical Bingo Tablet)

In the fast-paced world of bingo, convenience is key, and variety is the spice of life. The Bingaroo Play-Mate offers a diverse array of games to suit every taste and preference. Play-Mates brings the excitement of bingo to life with vibrant graphics and dynamic animations plus, with the ability to switch between different games with ease, boredom is simply not an option.

The Play-Mate can also be used as a POS (Point of Sale). You can sell raffle ticket from the laptop, at a table, while someone else is selling raffle ticket at the same time from the Play-Mate simultaneously around the Club.


  • Ability to play up to 8 books with one tap
  • Extended battery Life of 21+ hours of bingo play
  • Extra-large 10.1″ screen 
  • LED charging Indicator
  • Built in carry handle 
  • Inbuilt stand
  • Rugged tablet
  • Play-Mate as POS

Charging Bay / Work Station

∎ Customizable solution to suit your venue
∎ Stackable, portable, Compact
∎ Only 1 external power cable
∎ Propped up on wheels for easy portability through your venue
∎ LED Charging Indicator

Raffle Software

Raffles have been a long cherished activity in communities worldwide. Whether it's a fundraiser, a social gathering, or simply a fun evening with friends and family. As we progress into the digital age, it's time to elevate these traditions with modern solutions. With our system you can install as many sessions of raffles that you want.


  • Sell your Raffle tickets (POS)
  • Enter the quantity of Raffle Tickets required.
  • Print your Raffle Tickets (on Thermal Paper)
  • Ability to set up Bonus Tickets
  • Fast Printing of your Raffle Tickets
  • Ability to print your Club’s Logo 
  • Call the raffle
  • Display the numbers called on your Monitors
  • Also includes full POS & Reports
  • Advertising
  • Full Support
  • Operates from your laptop.
  • Approved by Regulatory Authority.
  • With the addition of a Play-Mate increase your sales

Point Of Sale Unit (POS)

Whether it's a school fundraiser, a charity event, or a social gathering, managing ticket sales, tracking prizes, and handling transactions efficiently is crucial. That's where a dedicated Point of Sale (POS) unit tailored for bingo and raffle events comes into play, revolutionizing the way organizers manage these occasions.

Combination of hardware and software used by businesses to complete sales transactions. . The software component manages inventory, processes payments, and generates sales reports, among other functions. They streamline the checkout process, track sales data, and help businesses manage inventory and finances efficiently.


  •  15.6” Customer display
  • 14” Touch Screen for caller POS
  •  Inbuilt 80mm Thermal Printer
  • Ability to print your Club’s Logo 
  • Ability to have 3rd Display
  •  90 number and 75 number bingo
  •  Hoi
  •  Advertising
  •  Raffle number drawing
  •  Raffle ticket printing
  •  Mobile point of sale available
  • Full reporting for paper, Play-Mate, dabbers & accessory sales
  • Loyalty system
  •  Personalised screens
  •  Connects to your existing projectors LCD
    screens or Plasma screens
  •  Ability to network wirelessly to all screens
  •  Auto voice calling with speed control
  •  Automated ticket verificatio
  • Full support 24 hours 7 days per week.