Bingaroo Multi System

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Our Bingo Game Management Software is a state of the art Bingo calling system, Raffle System, and other games, like HOI. For use in both large and small venues, using a basic personal desktop computer with the multi-screen video card, or portable laptop with dual-screen capabilities.
The player’s display can be a television, data projector, LCD or Plasma, and can be extended to multiple points around your venue.
Designed to operate on Windows 7 or Windows 8 64 bit, the use of a mouse pointer or function keys means that any person with basic computer skills can be quickly trained.

With this system, you have:

  • The ability to enter the ticket range being played.
  • Verification of the winning ticket
  • Confirmation of a winning ticket.
  • The Serial Number(s) being played
  • The Game being played
  • The last number called
  • Prizes
  • Individual game storage, allowing viewing of completed games for, auditing, research, or recovery.
  • Game Information screen & Numbers Flashboard.
  • Ticket display in the colour of the game being played.  
  • Fonts, text, and background color can be changed to suit the venue’s needs.
  • The ability to play both 90 and 75 number games.
  • A raffle number drawing system.
  • A raffle ticket printing system
  • A member drawing system
  • HOI
  • Information display for your Club or Bingo Centre using MS PowerPoint or other presentation software.
  • We can supply the equipment at a reasonable price, or install the software onto your own computer.


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