Bingaroo Game-Mate Software

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Our unique Game-Mate Table with Australia’s most advanced Multi-Touch Software. The Bingaroo Game-Mate Table will bring hours of enjoyment to children of all ages. Allowing children to play 4 different games at one time and can even compete against each other. This will allow the parents to relax and enjoy the facilities of the venue, knowing that the children are having a fun and exciting time whilst being safely occupied. Patrons are more likely to stay at your venue longer and spend more money if their kids are kept occupied and amused!!! The Game-Mate Table includes an in-built printer for raffle ticket Pos and can also include our Bingaroo Multi System.

With over 30 types of games for all ages & abilities

  • Arcade Games
  • Entertainment Games
  • Casual Games
  • Creative Games

Thermal Printer: 80mm

Touch Monitor: 1.07M


Ram SSD: 128GB

SSD Solution: i7

Network Card: Dual Band


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Bingaroo Game-Mate Software