Bigga Bingo Books

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Bigga Bingo was specifically designed for the vision impaired, but also great for young children. Bigga Bingo Tickets are larger and bolder than the regular sized bingo ticket so that the numbers can be easily seen.

90 numbered Bingo Books contain numbers ranging from 1 to 90, with each number appearing once on each card in the book.

The books follow a five colour rotation which includes of Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, & Pink

Our Bigga Bingo Books follows a 12,000 Series.

The Bigga Bingo Books contain 150 x 6 up books per pack with 750 x 6up books per box.

packaged in shrink-wrap to keep them clean and organized until they are ready for use.

Depending on the intended use of the bingo books (e.g., for commercial bingo halls or fundraising events), they may need to comply with relevant regulations or standards for fairness and integrity in gaming. Ex. Serial Numbered Bingo Books are used when giving away cash Prizes.

Bigga Bingo Books

Books per Carton: 750 Books

Books per pack: 150 x 6 up books

Set: 4 Cartons

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Bigga Bingo Books

10 Page Bigga Bingo, 15 Page Bigga Bingo, 20 Page Bigga Bingo


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Bigga Bingo Books