6 Up Jackpot Single Sheets

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Bingo Australia Jackpot single sheets are used for featured bonus/jackpot games.

90 numbered jackpot Single Sheets contain numbers ranging from 1 to 90.

packaged in shrink-wrap to keep them clean and organized until they are ready for use.

These contain 500 Single Jackpot Sheets per bundle.

6 Up Single Jackpot Sheets

Sheets per bundle: 500

Tickets per Bundle: 3,000

Series: 12,000

Additional information

6 up Jackpot Single Sheets

BSS-White, BSS-White – with Serial No., BSSB-Blue, BSSB-Blue – with Serial No., BSSB-Green, BSSB-Green – with Serial No., BSSB-Lilac, BSSB-Lilac – with Serial No., BSSB-Orange, BSSB-Orange – with Serial No., BSSB-Pink, BSSB-Pink – with Serial No., BSSB-Yellow, BSSB-Yellow – with Serial No., BSS-Perforated – White – with Serial No


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6 Up Jackpot Single Sheets