1-6000 Cloakroom Tickets (Bundle of 1)

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Our Cloakroom tickets, commonly referred to as Ticket & Butt, are a perforated double tickets. Commonly used to keep track of prize winners. Each ticket is perforated between two of the same number creating the ability for the guests to hang on to one side of the ticket while the other is tossed into the draw.

Bundles per carton: 1

Tickets per bundle: 1-6,000 (Each bundle contains 6x books of the same colour)

Additional information

Ticket & Butt

1-100 Cloakroom Tickets (Carton 100), 1-1000 Cloakroom Tickets (Bundle of 5), 1-200 Cloakroom Tickets (Carton 100), 1-500 Cloakroom Tickets (Bundle of 5), 1-6000 Cloakroom Tickets (Bundle of 1), 1-100 Premium Ticket & Butt (Carton 100)


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1-6000 Cloakroom Tickets (Bundle of 1) $55.00