Bingo Australia supplies TAB, EBT, KENO and a wide range of gaming rolls
All our rolls comply with all Australian State’s Gaming Regulations
For convenience, please see our easy reference guide on gaming rolls

Compliant Approved TAB Rolls

TAB/EBT Terminal Rolls 82.5mm x 125mm x 29mm CSI 12 rolls/carton
TAB/Eureka Rolls 82.5mm x 125mm x 29mm CSO 12 rolls/carton
Keno J6000 (small) Rolls 82.5mm x 94mm x 25mm CSI 12 rolls/carton
Keno X7000 (large) Rolls 82.5mm x 173mm x 38mm CSO 4 rolls/carton

Plain White Gaming Rolls

82mm x 115mm x 25mm CSI/CSO 12 rolls/carton
82mm x 125mm x 29mm Water Resistant CSI/CSO 12 rolls/carton
82mm x 203mm x 32mm CSI/CSO 6 rolls/carton

For other Thermal Roll sizes click here for an easy reference guide

Other sizes available upon request
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