Club Sign-In Sheets

Bingo Australia’s Sign-In Sheets are all serial numbered so that you can keep official records of everyone who enters your venue.

  • 3ply/3part secretive sheets
  • Serial Numbered
  • Each sheet 305mm x 220mm
  • Green and gold generic
  • Can be personalised with your club logo and details
  • 5 tear-off slips per sheet
  • 100 sheets per bundle
  • Minimum order of 100 sheets generic
  • Minimum order of 1 x carton/1,000 sheets if personalised
  • Choice of 3 hole or 4 hole to fit into your binder stands

Sheets Binder Stands

  • Acrylic Binders
  • 315mm x 260mm x 40mm
  • 5mm 3D ring
  • Available in 3 hole or 4 hole

Please allow a lead time of approx. 2 weeks for personalised sign-in sheets or order our generic stock if you need them immediately!