Bigga Bingo

Bigga Bingo Tickets

Bigga Bingo Tickets were specifically designed for the vision impaired, but also great for young children.

Bigga Bingo Tickets are bigger than the regular size bingo tickets so that the numbers can be easily seen.

  • Each page is 300mm x 140mm
  • Each square is 13mm x 13mm


Bigga Bingo Tickets are available in 6up Bingo Books with a green start and a 5 colour rotation

  • 10 page Bingo Books
  • 15 page Bingo Books
  • 20 page Bingo Books


They are also available in Jackpot Sheets in 5 different colours;

Blue, Green, Orange, Pink & White

Each set contains 12,000 tickets, and no tickets in each set are the same!

Tickets are only available in 6up, and are all serial numbered and perforated.

Bigga Bingo tickets can be electronically verified with our Bingaroo Bingo Software and can played in conjunction with our generic tickets